Global IT Outage
The NHS are experiencing nationwide IT issues with some practices unable to access clinical systems and manage appointments, clinical records, prescriptions etc.This is beyond the control of GP surger
Appointments at Kelsall Medical Centre 
From July 2024 Drs Adey and Dancy practice are pleased to be offering appointments at Kelsall Medical Centre for our patients.Appointments will be available Monday to Friday for doctors and Tu

Patient Participation Group

The aims of the patient participation group

Every practice has to have a Patient Participation Group (PPG). We are a group of volunteers who try to give patients a voice.

PPG Terms of Reference

Over the past few months we have talked to fellow patients in the waiting rooms at Kelsall, Ashton and Tarporley, to sound out their priorities. We have studied the survey results for this practice and talked to other PPGs. We have got to know the new practice manager who, like her predecessor, has been more than willing to take our requests on board. We will be doing more drop-in chats soon, starting with mother and baby clinics.

We have an action plan. Some fellow-patients told us they had trouble with transport to and from the surgery and therapies. The practice is exploring and will be linking up with local volunteer transport services. Many people want better out of hours services. We’re pushing for it, starting with a simpler user guide. We’re looking at waiting times. We’re discussing the real possibility of using electronic media, such as Skype consultations. We and the next door practice are trying to get better disabled access, including mechanising those big heavy doors. We’ve asked for a dedicated mental health section on the notice board and a display of this newsletter too. We already got some better chairs, with arm rests, in the waiting room. The website is being upgraded and tidied up and a section is being set up for us too.

And then there’s parking….. We really are all working to try to alleviate the problem. It will never be perfect, but cog-wheels are turning very, very slowly.

If you have an issue or a suggestion, then you can use the website, pop it in the suggestion boxes now in each waiting room, or just post it to the surgery marked for the PPG. We are glad that more volunteers are coming forward, but always welcome more who can give up a few hours of their time every month or two.


NHS Friends and Family

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